I am…
An insightful, fun, and committed change agent eager to find a new role in the human capital field that will leverage my insatiable curiosity about people, enthusiasm for life-long and self-directed learning, innate social and emotional intelligence, extensive experience in project management, event production, community building and marketing, and my newly acquired education in adult learning and change theories. Learning and change have been a driving force throughout my career including going back to school to complete my Masters.

In March, I completed my M.S. at Northwestern University in Learning and Organizational Change to transition careers and leverage 15 years of experience as a project manager and marketing professional toward the learning and development profession.

I am a team player with a positive, ‘can do’ attitude. I am at my best when working collaboratively to find creative solutions to challenging problems with a dynamic team. I have learned that it is essential to balance the urgency of fast-paced forward movement and action with the importance of slowing down to create moments for reflection, collaboration and an exchange of ideas. My strengths are in fostering safe and creative environments by emanating warmth, professionalism and fun while supporting a group to exchange ideas, integrate diverse perspectives, create solutions, and move toward action. Others reflect that I radiate a positive, generous and infectious energy and have a unique talent for influencing others and making people feel at ease.

What I do…
I develop relationships and work with existing team members to understand what is working well, how we can leverage current bright spots and find collaborative solutions to help the team work together more effectively all while working toward desired goals and output. My expertise is in orchestrating and facilitating learning programs and events intentionally designed to instill a culture of trust, foster leadership development, cultivate networks and leverage a unique learning format for innovative results. Throughout my career, I have successfully identified organizational issues, developed solutions, and implemented transformative changes by engaging teams and leaders to build consensus and achieve goals.

Over the years, I have gained and honed my skills in the following areas that I am eager to apply to my new role:

  • Project Management
  • Coaching & Facilitation
  • Training & Development
  • Change Management
  • Event Production
  • Virtual Team Management
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Systems & Design Thinking
  • Strategic Communications
  • Research & Analysis
  • Consulting

A few of my career highlights include producing nearly 20 sustainable business conferences and marching into the Kremlin with 100 Russian entrepreneurs to share ideas on corruption reduction.

What I am looking for…
I am eager to find a role within an organization that actively prioritizes and invests in developing their talent. My ideal role would allow me to work with a smart, creative, committed and hard working team to develop innovative learning programs and systems that work for the modern human leveraging adult learning concepts such as continuous, self-directed, experiential, reflective, problem-based, collaborative and blended (virtual & in person). I am looking for a medium to large organization (technology, healthcare, education, consulting) with a dedicated Learning and Development team located in Vancouver, BC and/or the Bay Area, CA and will consider remote work and/or relocating to Chicago or overseas. Some sample role titles I am exploring include:

  • Manager, Talent or Learning & Development
  • Program Manager, Leadership Development
  • People & Culture Manager
  • Internal Consultant, Learning & Change

I invite you to explore this website further to learn more about my past work experience, projects I have worked on, how I add value, what others say about me and a little more about me personally.