Personal Interests

Family, Friends & Food

When I am not working or studying, you will likely find me surrounded by one of these three things, or ideally all three at the same time!

img_3367My family home in California has always been a gathering place for friends and family to eat good food, play in the pool and to laugh as often as possible. Living in Vancouver, BC, I try to get home at least 2 times a year (summer and American Thanksgiving), if not more including surprise weekend trips for a sister’s birthday or for Mothers Day. My three incredible sisters are a huge part of my life and I try to spend time with them as often as possible, even with the distance (2 in California, 1 in Missouri and me in Vancouver).

img_20111230_171156I am fortunate to have friends all around the world from dear close friends a few blocks away to travel buddies in Germany, England, and New Zealand. Throughout my life, I have easily connected with people and made friends. My travels and work supported me developing a connected network of values-based humans and friends. Within recent years, I have made great effort to also nurture deep, close friendships (that aren’t my sisters) in addition to having a vast network. Dinner, drinks, hikes, walks, game nights, runs, wine tasting, cooking, exploring near and far, are just a few of my favorite activities with friends.

A delicious, well prepared meal with rich flavor always brings a smile to my face. I enjoy cooking, but am learning that I much prefer enjoying a good meal prepared by someone else much more than the art of preparation. I am also a believer that good food brings people together, so as often as I can, I enjoy sharing a good meal with friends and family.

img_5676Travel & Adventure

My previous travels were all connected with school, work or to visit friends or family. This past summer, after taking a short break from school, I treated myself to my first, ‘just for me’ trip to Southeast Asia visiting Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand. This month long journey sparked my love of travel again. I made some incredible new friends from all over the world.img_7560

My eyes opened and my perspective shifted on a daily basis.
New and different cultures, long and deep histories,
resilient humans, delicious food, stunning sights, and new learnings every day. Adventuring and exploring brings me great joy – the new experiences, the new people, not knowing what will come next, and most importantly the learning and reflection that comes with the journey. I am eager to continue exploring the world and desire to spend a lot more time in that part of the world. Who knows, maybe my job or career will help to take me back?

Personal Development & Learning

img_0649Continuously learning and reflecting on experiences is something I strive to do every day and is one my longest standing personal interests. I hope to begin to publicly capture some of my learnings.  My intention is to capture more of the messy side of learning, where one can test out ideas, theories and learning and engage in dialogue with others to better understand the topic and to make the ideas better. I will do this on my personal blog site, (, which was originally created before I started grad school as a food blog, but with the demands of grad school and being self-employed, it was all too soon ignored

img_2641 I am in the process of reinvigorating it as my ‘learning out loud’ blog. I invite you to check back and to contribute.