How I Add Value

Here is a sense of how I add value:

  • A thoughtful, human-centered approach to dealing with individual issues and team dynamics
  • Good communicator, team player, and mentor who provides honest, straightforward, and informed advice.
  • Connector who builds strong relationships anchored in trust and transparent, consistent communication
  • Extraordinary comfort in uncertain and ambiguous situations
  • Role model of expected behaviors and values
  • Creator of safe environments for diverse perspectives
  • Quick learner with a curiosity to understand how things work
  • Connecting the bigger vision with the details
  • Natural facilitator with fun, positive energy
  • Solutions-oriented with a dedicated work ethic

I am a Relationship-Builder
I prioritize relationships and have a natural ability to connect and relate to others. I am open, approachable and have a sincere interest in people and understanding what makes them tick. I have an ability to establish trust and rapport easily with a wide variety of individuals.

I am an Intentional Communicator
I am an intentional listener and a thoughtful and authentic communicator. I am a curious human being – observing, asking questions and striving to learn and understand. I have a tendency to look beyond the surface to make connections and discover insights.

I am a Solutions Focused Problem Solver
I am a problem-solver, eager to find answers and solutions and I am resourceful in my means to find them. I enjoy blending the middle ground shifting easily from big picture work to tactical work. I strive to think things through using different viewpoints and am open to considering a variety of solutions, anticipating pros and cons of various approaches.

I am Team Player
I am a team player and thrive in engaging with others to spark ideas and creativity. I understand how to navigate differences of opinion in a way that is supportive and considerate of the team.

Want to know more about what it is like to work with me?
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