My Resume


Heidi Hartman

Mission-Driven Change Agent and Learning Professional

Recognized for ability to consult with organizations and clients to clarify workflow and pain points and work to improve systems, processes, resources and tools to meet business needs.

History of orchestrating and facilitating learning programs and events intentionally designed to foster leadership development, cultivate networks, instill a culture of trust, and leverage a unique format for innovative results.

Radiates positive & infectious energy with unique talent for creating connection and building community, influencing and making people feel at ease, and navigating difficult, uncertain situations to get things done.


  • Project Management
  • Coaching & Facilitation
  • Training & Development
  • Change Management
  • Event Production
  • Virtual Team Management
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Systems & Design Thinking
  • Strategic Communications
  • Research & Analysis
  • Consulting



Learning & Development

  • Initiated and developed a 6-course webinar series to teach marketing skills, video production and social media to program presenters, leveraging subject matter experts to deliver content.
  • Trained virtual team members on new CRM system and how to leverage it for more effective sales leads tracking.
  • Facilitated business case studies and problem solving sessions at conferences, creating a safe and engaging space to ensure a shared learning experience.
  • Coached conference speakers to develop and present interactive and engaging sessions moving away from ‘death by PowerPoint.’
  • Designed and facilitated a personal branding workshop for colleagues during the Heart of Facilitation Training.
  • Designed conference program by leveraging SMEs from within the business community to build a comprehensive learning environment
  • Supported recruitment of new hires by creating job descriptions, identifying and interviewing potential candidates and building comprehensive onboarding manuals.
  • Led new hire training, one-on-one, in person and on the phone and served as a mentor for follow-up questions and informal training.
  • Devised and managed a social media internship program to support Hollyhock’s online engagement strategy. Recruited, hired and trained 6 interns.

Conference Production

  • Managed all aspects of producing 4 annual Social Venture Institute (SVI) conferences at Hollyhock of up to 150 attendees each. Developed agenda and managed $120K budget, speakers and sponsors. Liaised with the leadership advisory committee and speakers to create an inviting, inclusive and engaging event.
  • Oversaw logistics for 3 annual Member Gatherings (up to 285 attendees), 3 Fall Conferences (up to 325 attendees) and 2 SVI Women’s Gatherings (up to 90 attendees) including production of print program book and directing agenda and session development by managing diverse viewpoints on conference committees. Considered hundreds of suggestions and requests with diplomacy and sensitivity.
  • Executed 2 conferences in Russia (up to 250 international attendees) and 1 in Washington, DC. Liaised with travel agents and Russian offices to identify participants, arrange logistics and manage volunteers.

Community Outreach and Relationship Building

  • Fostered strong, lasting connections among SVI alumni by creating a managing an online listserv, engaging alumni to host local gatherings and serving as the hub of the community.
  • Developed relationships with venue personnel and event vendors to ensure sustainable practices were in place at all conference sites.

Process Improvement

  • Recognized problem with managing leads; researched and identified a CRM system within budget. Set it up, managed the data entry process, and created streamlined procedures for staff to follow.
  • Facilitated dialogue with operations manager to understand team needs and goals to build stronger communication channels and improve processes.
  • Reviewed and restructured contact management system to support quick growth of organization in anticipation of launch of a new digital education game, Planet Protector Academy.
  • Created a sales process and marketing plan to promote a new educational game in order to get school districts to buy licenses for multiple classrooms to use it.

Social Media Marketing

  • Initiated and managed all Hollyhock’s social media marketing including the production of, a new interactive blog that provided engaging content to support program promotion and engagement of prospective attendees.
  • Expanded Hollyhock’s brand and visibility in Vancouver, actively engaging with the community.
  • Initiated shifting the annual print catalogue of programs to be smaller and available online with links to the website.

Consulting & Change Management

  • Transformed Hollyhock’s marketing strategy from one voice to capturing participants’ stories on blog and launching efforts on Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and YouTube.
  • Developed relationships and guided hotels on how to implement environmentally sustainable practices for their events and operations at Nonantum Resort, Estancia La Jolla and others.
  • Engaged Russian entrepreneurs in 70 diverse sectors (agriculture, hospitality, retail, construction) to team together to explore solutions to grow their businesses and reduce corruption.
  • Interfaced with the CEO, web design team and target audience to develop needs analysis in preparation for the redesign of organization’s website.
  • Re-established lines of communication and trust between the CEO and staff to break from long-term misunderstandings about expectations, saving time and resources.

Team Building, Coaching & Negotiation

  • Inspired and empowered cross-functional team of six to work collaboratively, managing diverse work styles and personalities. Developed ways to connect and focus on immediate and long-term goals.
  • Coached conference presenters, including CEOs of successful socially responsible businesses and others on how to engage with the audience by shifting from PowerPoint to story-telling.
  • Coached Hollyhock presenters, inspirational thought leaders and workshop facilitators on best practices for program marketing and promotion.
  • Negotiated and managed diverse personalities, personal agendas, and challenging situations to create inclusive, inviting and engaging programs.
  • Negotiated hotel contracts in Russia (in Russian) for various social entrepreneur programs.
  • Mediated a heated dialogue with a small group of Russian entrepreneurs and an interpreter to build consensus around suggestions regarding the 100 recommendations for President Putin via former Economic Advisor Andrei Illarianov.
  • Attended meeting at the Kremlin with 100 Russian business leaders to inform Russia’s former Economic Advisor Andrei Illarianov of the recommendations from the DC summit.

Marketing & Strategic Communications

  • Developed and managed a platform to capture a growing mailing list for launch of CEO’s upcoming book, Live Large: The Achiever’s Guide to What’s Next (to be released in May 2017).
  • Drove 3 branding and website redesign campaigns as target audience for book was clarified and identified.
  • Researched CRM options and transitioned companies to best suited tool to effectively capture prospects and nurture existing clients.
  • Created marketing plan and lead development, full production and campaigns for products including a video training series, How to Love the Job You Hate.
  • Published blogs and an email series that delivers worksheets and content to the mailing list, including 5 Pillars of Successful Decision Making, providing free content to grow the customer base.
  • Wrote online and print content and built newsletter to showcase CEO’s expertise.


Senior Consultant
Heidi Hartman Freelance, Vancouver, BC, 2013–Present
Leveraged project management skills to provide coaching and business consulting for non-profits and solo-preneurs. Clients include: Elizabeth B. Crook, Orchard Advisors, Connecting Compassion, Hollyhock, Social Venture Institute, Dreamrider Theatre.

Graduate Assistant, Community and Academic Services
Northwestern University, Evanston, IL, Fall Quarter 2015
Served as a community manager for the enterprise social network servicing a community of 100+ students, faculty and alumni. Iterated and improved technology onboarding process for new students to streamline use of new software. Developed instructions for creating a coaching profile for Coaching Certificate students.

Social Venture Institute (SVI) Hollyhock Producer
Renewal, Vancouver, BC, 2008–2012
SVI Hollyhock offers the mission-based entrepreneur an opportunity to share challenges, success, and experiences with peers in an atmosphere of trust and goodwill.

Produced the annual conference for 150 business leaders managing all work streams including marketing and event recruitment, content development, speaker coaching, community building, sponsor relations, budget management, etc.

Social Media and Vancouver Marketing Manager
Hollyhock Educational Retreat Centre, Vancouver, BC, 2008–2012
Hollyhock is Canada’s premier lifelong educational institution presenting over 100 social learning programs and conferences each year on Cortes Island and in Vancouver, BC.

Initiated and managed the transformation of the marketing strategy to leverage social media to expand Hollyhock’s brand and visibility.

Senior Event Manager
Social Venture Network (SVN), San Francisco, CA, 2005–2008
SVN is a non-profit network community of the world’s leading social entrepreneurs working together to create transformational innovation, growth and impact.

Managed conference delivery for three conferences a year including managing and mentoring the team (3-9 people), directing agenda development, negotiating diverse personalities on committees, and leading sustainability change initiatives in event locations.

Manager of Special Projects and Publications
Center for Citizen Initiatives (CCI), San Francisco, CA, 2001–2005
CCI implemented programs that assist Russian citizens in securing economic and political reforms and fosters cooperative partnerships and relations between the US and Russia.

Worked with ED on special projects organizing multiple conferences in Russia and Washington, DC, designed print publications and supporting anti-corruption initiatives.


  • Masters Thesis/Capstone Project: Rethinking Defensiveness in Unconscious Bias Trainings (to be completed in March 2017)
  • Cognitive Design: Design nudges & solutions to help people make better decisions
  • Intro for Design in Learning Sciences: Apply design thinking to create learning environments with a focus on the end user
  • Accelerating Learning & Performance: How individuals learn and change with emphasis on improving personal effectiveness
  • Advancing Learning & Performance: Increase effectiveness and performance by making the learning process within teams & the organization more strategic
  • Creating & Sharing Knowledge: Learn theories & apply tools to organize, share & create new knowledge using social media & enterprise social networking tools
  • Leading with Strategic Thinking: Develop action plans around LOC principles to support the organization’s strategic plan.
  • Executing Strategic Change: Learn models, concepts, tools & knowledge for effectively facilitating strategic change
  • Designing Sustainable Strategic Change: Leverage the design process & organizational change practices to create more responsive organizational systems.
  • Building Transformational Client Relationships: Learn & practice the fundamental competencies related to engaging clients through the consulting cycle.
  •  Coaching for Learning & Performance: Gain a deeper understanding of coaching techniques to improve individual learning & performance and how to design effective coaching/mentoring programs
  • MSLOC Foundations: Experience strategies for effective problem-based learning to prepare for self-directed team learning experiences that will be experiences through the MSLOC Program.
  • MSLOC Practicum: Project-based learning experience designed to field-test student’s ability to use MSLOC course concepts to innovate solutions to organizational challenges. Worked with the L&D department of a large global consulting firm to explore & identify innovative solutions to the questions:
    • What are innovative ways we can onboard new employees and consultants
    • How might we address the individualized learning needs for the expert career track?


  • Coaches Training Institute, March 2014
    Completed 5 in-person experiential workshops integrating three foundational coaching principles: Fulfillment, Balance and Process.
  • Heart of Facilitation, Fall 2013 – Spring 2014
    The training weaves personal growth with skill building in facilitation, group work and arts-based practices to help people lead creative, transformational learning programs.



MS Suite; Google Suite; InfusionSoft; Jive Collaboration Software; AdobeConnect; Blue Jeans; SalesForce; Word Press; Hootsuite; Mailchimp; social media tools (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube)